Seaweed biostimulants
As the importance of sustainability and ecological food production increases, the appeal of seaweed-based biostimulants is on the rise. These natural ocean-derived products present a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional oil-based biostimulants.
Kelp farming for the future
The search for new natural resources, stricter requirements for climate emissions, and transformation to a circular bioeconomy are paving the way for what the EU says will become a global giga-industry, namely kelp farming.
Kelpinor & Arctic Ignite
Jakten på nye naturressurser, strengere krav til klimautslipp og omstilling til sirkulær bioøkonomi, baner vei for det som skal bli en global giga-næring i følge EU, nemlig taredyrking.
What is the potential?
What is the potential for kelp farming in Norway?
What is kelp used for?
Kelp kan be used for many applications - read more about them.
Got Kelp?
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