The view of Kelpinors ocean locality at Vedskjæran, where the company has their production.

Scale seaweed with us.

Kelpinor is a climate action company cultivating seaweed at large scale for sustainable agriculture and improved plant health.

Seaweed Farm
Vedskjæran, Gildeskål

Seaweed for
Plant Health

We produce a new generation of seaweed biostimulants with cultivated kelp species, improving quality, sustainability and accessibility.

Discover sustainable, effective care for healthier plants and lower environmental impact.
Kelp extract and biostimulants from Kelpinor being tested in industrial plant productionArrow
Biotech North Cluster
Norwegian Seaweed Association
Arctic Accelerator
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Kelpinor seaweed receives Organic Certification by Debio

Kelpinor has received its Organic Certifications from Debio for its seaweed, meeting the standards outlined in Norway's regulations for organic production. This makes Kelpinor one of just nine companies in Norway with certification for organic macroalgae production. The certification encompasses Kelpinor's cultivation activities and products, including seedlings and dried seaweed.

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Kelpinor seaweed receives Organic Certification by Debio
Kelpinor co-founder Hermann in a wetsuit showing of some wild kelp

Kelp farming for the future

The pursuit of new natural resources, stricter requirements for emissions and the transition to a circular bio-economy pave the way for what is to become a global mega-industry according to the EU, namely seaweed cultivation.

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What do we do?

Kelpinor is a Norwegian marine technology company originating from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

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Saccharina Latissima, or Sugar Kelp, growing underwater


We do this with the goal of sustainably producing kelp as an ingredient for agriculture and improved plant health.

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