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Kelpinor launches 50 000 square meter production rig

Kelpinor has announced the launch of its first production rig at Vedkjæran, Gildeskål. Spanning an expansive 50,000 square meters, the equivalent of 8 football fields, this state-of-the-art structure will play an important role in the company's mission to substantially scale up seaweed production.

Kelpinor launches 50 000 square meter production rig

Kelp farming for the future

The pursuit of new natural resources, stricter requirements for emissions and the transition to a circular bio-economy pave the way for what is to become a global mega-industry according to the EU, namely seaweed cultivation.

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What do we do?

Kelpinor is a Norwegian marine technology company originating from NTNU. Kelpinor has developed a method for harvesting and launching kelp, enabling economies of scale.

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We do this with the goal of sustainably producing kelp as an ingredient for sustainable food, medicines, biofuels, bio- packaging and much more.

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Articles about kelp

TareKelp farming for the future

Kelpinor has the chance to win "Peoples Favorite" - a price of 500 000 NOK. This would enable Kelpinor to launch a nearshore kelp production frame with a capacity of more than 10 tonnes of seaweed for human consumption.

TareKelpinor & Arctic Ignite

Jakten på nye naturressurser, strengere krav til klimautslipp og omstilling til sirkulær bioøkonomi, baner vei for det som skal bli en global giga-næring i følge EU, nemlig taredyrking.

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What is the potential for kelp farming in Norway?

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