December 7, 2023
Sandhornøya, Norway

Kelpinor seaweed receives Organic Certification by Debio

Kelpinor has received its first Organic Certification from Debio for its seaweed, meeting the standards outlined in Norway's regulations for organic production.

Debio is the Norwegian certification body dedicated to organic and sustainable food. It certifies all providers of organic products in Norway, ensuring compliance with regulations for organic production. This includes farms, aquaculture, processing and marketing enterprises, who must meet strict criteria to market their products under Debio’s Ø-label

Kelpinor Seaweed with organic sertification by Debio

"This certification is really important for us," says Nils Christoffer Røang, Head of Production at Kelpinor. "We want to show that big-scale food production can be sustainable and still work. Our seaweed grows out there in the ocean with no fresh water, pesticides, or artifical fertilizers needed. It's healthy for you and the planet, so it should definitely have a big part to play in what we eat tomorrow."

EU organic logo

This makes Kelpinor one of just nine companies in Norway with certification for organic macroalgae production. The certification encompasses Kelpinor's cultivation activities and products, including seedlings and dried seaweed. Going forward, all new organic production will be marked on the label, and details about the production and certification will always be available using Kelpinor Production Trace. We look forward to creating many more organic products in the future!

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The search for new natural resources, stricter requirements for climate emissions, and transformation to a circular bioeconomy are paving the way for what the EU says will become a global giga-industry, namely kelp farming.

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Jakten på nye naturressurser, strengere krav til klimautslipp og omstilling til sirkulær bioøkonomi, baner vei for det som skal bli en global giga-næring i følge EU, nemlig taredyrking.

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