March 1, 2023
Sandhornøya, Gildeskål

Kelpinor deploys 17 000 meters seedlingline across two locations

Kelpinor has announced their deployment of 17 000 meters of seedlingline across two localities in Vedskjæran and Kvalnesbukta.

Since January, Kelpinor has deployed 12 000 meters of seedlingline at Vedskjæran, and an additional 5 000 meters in Kvalnesbukta in a partnership with Salten Algae.

The seedlings deployed are of the species sugar kelp, and is intended for use feed food, feed and other industry applications.

This collaboration represents the pilot of Kelpinors newly established Production Partner Program, where the company will share cultivation technology and resources with selected cultivators.

With the Kelpinor Production Partner Program, Kelpinor aims to improve cultivation efficiency, reduce risk and enable higher scalability in kelp farming.

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Deployment of 12 000 meter of seedlingline at Vedskjæran, Gildeskål.

The view of Kelpinors location at Vedskjæran, Gildeskål

Ocean operations preparing for the deployment of 5 000 meters seedlingline at Salten Algaes locality in Kvalnesbukta, Bodø

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